About Women and Children Legal Research Foundation

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation

Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) registered March 2002 in the Ministry of Economy in Afghanistan. It is a women rights defender and research organization and focus on research on women and children issues, awareness raising, women and girls empowerment, publications and advocacy to influence decision and policy makers towards women benefits and rights. WCLRF keeps efforts for empowering women and girls in Afghanistan. WCLRF’s Central office located in Kabul and has two sub offices in Balkh and Nangarhar provinces.
WCLRF Strategy and Program Focus
WCLRF works to empower women and girls to take active part in the social, cultural, and economic and political process. Although, the Constitution guarantee women’s equal rights but Afghan women still face significant challenges. Beside women empowerment there is need to research and to ensure advocacy of the implementation of women right is evidence based. WCLRF uses below strategies in reaching its objectives:
Research: to find the basic needs of women and girls and discover the root causes of the problems women are facing in securing their equal rights.
Public awareness: Afghanistan is a traditional society and the mentality of citizens towards women are conservative. WCLRF use public awareness as a tool that is targeting communities and as well as the service providers to contribute towards creation of safe environment for the women and girls in this country.
Advocacy: for women rights institutionalization we need to review and analyze the existing laws and policies. WCLRF consider advocacy as an effective tool to influence laws and policies. WCLRF’s actively involved in leading advocacy campaigns i.e. campaign for approval of family law and participating in the campaigns launched by other civil society organizations and Afghan Women Network.