Safe areas

The ‘safe areas’ initiative aims to concentrate on capabilities and opportunities to keep the streets, stores and educational environment safer. These opportunities include school and university students, employees, bystanders and victims of sexual harassment. The findings of two researches conducted by WCLRF, clearly show that NOWHERE is safe for women and girls. Allegedly it was believed that home is a safe area in which men and women can refresh the sadness and grieves they face during the day time, but as the research findings show, women and girls are being harassed by fathers, brothers, and husbands and other male relatives. WCLRF’s volunteers and stakeholders make their efforts to dramatically reduce the vast expanse of sexual harassment by different approach including awareness raising, advocacy for enacting rules and regulations and coordinating with other relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations. Moreover, WCLRF do their best to identify and introduce the role models who has struggled against sexual harassment in their communities.