Our volunteers in Kabul and other provinces are assigned to the field (streets, stores, educational environment and etc.) in order to speak to people to stand up to Sexual Harassment after receiving specific trainings on the topic. In the meantime, our volunteers will make efforts to best convince the perpetrators that sexual harassment shall be considered as violation of dignity of both the perpetrator and the victim by providing legal, moral and religious assertions. Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) believes that community mobilization will not occur unless the perpetrators are convinced that their ferocious actions are immoral and against human dignity, thus the ground to compensate their wrongful actions is to be provided. On the other hand, the victims must be trained not to be silent against sexual harassment and admonish the perpetrators using legal and moral tools.
If you think you can be fruitful to this campaign, please join our volunteers by sending e-mail to this address: