What we do?

WCLRF is a women-led organization. Its goal and objectives include advocating and initiate activities to promote women’s rights and develop their meaningful participation in all activities correlated with their rights. Many research conducted by WCLRF and other relevant organizations indicate that sexual harassment widely dominated women and girls’ lives in any environment including homes. Thus, WCLRF make their best to accomplish the following:

  • Networking to tackle sexual harassment;
  • Advocating to criminalize sexual harassment;
  • Advocating to reinforce legal norms addressing anti-sexual harassment against women;
  • Meaningful and wide awareness raising against sexual harassment;
  • Making efforts to collaborate and coordinate for tackling sexual harassment.

Considering the aforementioned initiatives, WCLRF do their best to mobilize the people against sexual harassment and establish a permissive working, educational community for all women and girls in Afghanistan.