Silence endangers action repetition; silence results in perpetuating the action and perpetrator’s behavior legitimation, and silence causes physical and mental damage of victims/survivals. There are plenty of ways to stand up to sexual harassment such as:
• Talk about it. Stand up to perpetrator and raise your voice. Try to notify him/them about their ignominious action if you or someone is being harassed. Do not feel afraid if the people look at you because there might be people who will support you.
• Report it. Share your story with other, especially with us. Explain how, when and where did it happen. Text or send a message to Harassmap e-mail address or our Facebook page. Reporter’s identification will be anonymous.
• Publicize it. With friends, relatives, and colleagues by posting to Facebook, twitter, daily newspapers and so forth. Just do not be silent.
• File a police report. The EVAW Law and anti-sexual harassment regulation provide legal supportive provisions for filing a police case.
• Participate into self-defense classes